Fuel Surcharges

Fuel Surcharges

As a provider of transport and distribution services fuel represents a significant portion of our service costs. Fuel prices are driven by the wider economic environment and therefore not something we can directly or specifically control.

Through efficiencies and cost cutting measures we’ve done our best to absorb the full impact of fuel price increases. However, it is no longer possible for Nightline to continue to absorb such massive cost increases.

Regrettably we had no further option open to us but to introduce a fuel surcharge. This fuel surcharge will fluctuate up/down depending on the retail price of diesel each month.

The surcharge will be linked to the last week of the month average consumer prices of diesel inclusive of duty and taxes. Monthly updates are published by AA Ireland on their web site http://www.aaireland.ie/petrolprices/

The average consumer prices given on the website for the previous month when it becomes available we will calculate the fuel surcharge for the following month. For example the May price would be used to calculate the surcharge for June and so on.

We understand that the fuel surcharge will lead to an increase in costs and this is very much regretted but it is a situation that is beyond our direct control despite our best efforts to contain it. We thank you for your continued support and ongoing business.